Our mission is to help improve the health and happiness of kids around the world – to help them flourish as human beings.

We do this with a mixture of relaxation techniques, dream inducing bedtime stories, calming nature sounds and soothing music to help kids have a deep and restful sleep. Many listeners have stated that our audio has helped them decrease anxiety and get the best sleep they have had in years.

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The inspiration to create Sleep Tight Relax, came from the desire to help older kids calm down and relax, resulting in better sleep routines and hopefully better quality of life. In our first podcast Sleep Tight Stories, we were receiving requests for longer audio and a new podcast seemed like a great way to meet these listeners different needs.

Most episodes feature guided relaxation exercises which rely upon our own years long experience managing stress, anxiety, mild depression, performance anxiety and problems with sleep. These breathing and visualization exercises are simple, easy to follow, and effective. We don’t claim to be experts, and as such these techniques have been checked by experts in their field.

Since we started producing Sleep Tight Relax, our podcast has been downloaded over a million times by listeners all over the world.

Your Hosts

Sleep Tight Relax is produced by a husband and wife team based in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Sheryl, an elementary educator with close to 25 years experience, is the heart and voice of our podcasts. She selects and edits the stories, communicates with authors, and has contributed a number of original works.

She is an avid reader and a champion of early years literacy. While she has extensive experience in school administration and curriculum development, she is most at home in contexts that allow her to share her love of reading, working with young children – helping them flourish as human beings.

Her love of coffee is well known amongst all the children she has worked with.

Clark is producer of Sleep Tight Relax, and director of Minzoo Studio, a product design studio based in Charlottetown, PEI. He produces all of our audio, writes the scripts, and tries to keep up with our listeners on social media.

He got his start in music, making noise through-out the greater Toronto area, but has spent the past 20+ years working in experience design, primarily in China and Taiwan, for various tech companies. His work focuses on answering the question, what if screen time was actually good for children? In addition to the techniques shared in the podcast, Clark also finds that Crossfit and marathon training helps him manage the stress in his life.

Both Sheryl and Clark have studied and are advocates for various methods that help children become more mindful, focused and relaxed.

We love to hear of others experience and feedback on the podcast, so please get in touch.

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