The Day the Colours Swapped

In this episode, we share a story about a town called Huestown. The town appreciates its predictable routines, but one day, things change. The residents are uncertain about embracing this new development. Eventually, they recognize the benefits of change and celebrate the occasion.

Mindful Monday: Being Anxious or Nervous

Mindful Monday is back. We start this season with an episode about being anxious or nervous. There is a story about a boy named Jamie who gets the same feeling in his stomach every September, and we look at Bernice from Sleep Tight Stories to see how she deals with anxiety and nerves.

Bernice Learns How To Relax At Bedtime ๐Ÿป

In this episode, Bernice arrives home after school and tells Papa Bear about her day. She tells him that she and Bobby will be doing a Science project together and she has some English homework. Bernice mentions that she is pretty nervous about the English homework because she has to stand up in front of the class to do it, and she is not friends with all the new students there. Papa Bear helps Bernice to learn how to relax by taking deep breaths. Join us and breathe along.

The Remarkable Rocket P.2

In the second part of The Remarkable Rocket, the Rocket cannot be fired because it got too wet. The next day the workers throw it over the fence, and the Rocket sinks into some mud. It meets some creatures and gets picked up by some boys before ending up falling on a Goose.

Flippy the Walrus Explores The Backyard

In this story, Flippy feels tired of staying home alone all day and decides to have an adventure right in their own backyard while it’s still daytime. Can you believe that a stuffed walrus can truly come alive and go on an adventure? Or maybe, just maybe, Flippy is just dreaming while fast asleep?

The Remarkable Rocket P.1 ๐Ÿงจ

The Remarkable Rocket part one starts with the Prince greeting his Princess as they get ready to get married. The King is very excited and has planned to have fireworks as part of the celebration. The fireworks start talking about everything that is happening when they hear a cough. It is the Rocket and he expects everyone to pay attention to what he has to say.

Flippy the Walrus Goes Camping

Flippy is not an ordinary stuffed animal. When the moon rises high in the sky and her best friend drifts off to sleep, Flippy comes to life and goes on adventures. On this night, Flippy creates a cozy tent out of blankets and pillows for a camping adventure under the starry night sky. With her animal friends, she tells stories, is amazed at the beauty of the stars, and drifts off happily to sleep.

The Happy Prince

Lily Explores The Forest

This story is about a young girl named Lily who loves spending time in the forest with her mother, listening to the birds. One day, Lily hears a new bird song and becomes fascinated with learning about the different birds in the forest. With her mother’s guidance, Lily learns about the birds and develops a deeper connection with nature. The story ends with an encouraging message for children to explore and learn about the natural world around them, along with a deep breathing exercise to help them feel calm and relaxed.