The Princess and the Singing Bird 🐦🎢

We have updated an old fairytale that takes place in an imaginary place from long ago. A Princess who loves to read and spends most of her time in the royal library. One day, she discovers a magical bird with beautiful feathers and an enchanting song. This special friendship brings joy and adventure into Eliza’s life, teaching her important lessons about kindness and freedom.

Lily And The Pot Of Pink Flowers 🌺

In tonight’s story, we revisit an old fairytale, a type of story we haven’t told in a while. This tale follows a kind-hearted girl named Lily who, despite her brother’s unkindness, remains gentle and caring. She receives a magical pot of pink flowers and a silver ring from a mysterious lady. As she navigates challenges and uncovers secrets about her true heritage, Lily’s kindness and perseverance lead to a happy ending where she finds love and transforms her life.

The Quiltmaker’s Gift πŸ‘‘

In tonight’s story, a kind and talented quiltmaker lives in the mountains, creating beautiful quilts that she only gives to the poor and needy. A greedy king, obsessed with owning all beautiful things, demands one of her quilts, but she refuses, saying he must give away all his treasures first. Despite his initial anger and attempts to force her, the king eventually starts giving away his possessions and discovers the joy of generosity. As he gives more, the quiltmaker adds pieces to his quilt. In the end, the king, now truly happy and fulfilled, receives the completed quilt as a symbol of his transformation and newfound wealth in kindness and joy.

The Lucky Otter 🦦

A young otter is fascinated by an older otter known for his incredible luck. The young OtterOtter admires the older one’s sleek fur and the mysterious white tip on his tail, which everyone believes is the source of his good fortune. Through an unexpected turn of events, the young OtterOtter discovers the true secret behind this luck.

How Howlin’ Hank Got His Name 🐺

In tonight’s story, Max the Rabbit, curious about the distant and mysterious howl of Howlin’ Hank the Wolf, learns from his cousin Jumpy the Hare about Hank’s unique habit of giving fair warning before chasing his prey. This practice, which began with the very first wolf and was passed down through generations, made Howlin’ Hank honourable and respected despite the fear his howl inspired. Inspired by Hank’s story of fairness and bravery, Max feels a newfound admiration and strives to embody these values in his own adventures.

Benny’s Icy Adventure 🦫

Tonight’s story was inspired by a recent Spring snowfall that, for a brief moment, turned everything sparkly and white. Our story is about a young beaver named Benny who goes out to play on an icy river. Benny has fun exploring but gets a little scared when he meets a girl named Millie after accidentally helping her find her lost skate. The story is filled with snowy adventures and shows how Benny learns about the exciting, sometimes tricky, winter world outside his cozy home.

The Meadow Queen πŸŒΌπŸ‘‘

In tonight’s story, the sunny meadow where the Sunflowers long ruled welcomes a gentle Daisy named Violet as its first queen, sparking a delightful transformation. She brings peace among the squabbling ants with kindness and wisdom, banishes the sneaky snakes, and ensures only the kindest words flutter through the breeze. As the meadow flourishes under her rule, even those who doubted her come to admire her leadership. Daisy Violet’s reign teaches everyone about the beauty of change and the strength of gentle leadership, ultimately uniting the meadow’s inhabitants in harmony and happiness.

The Adventure of Three Kittens 🐱

Tonight’s story takes place in a big, cozy barn on a farm, where three adventurous kittens learned a big lesson about family and home. After deciding to explore the forest on their own, they encountered all sorts of curious and sometimes scary things, like fireflies, a grumpy Skunk, and even a laughing Screech-Owl! But as they braved the unknown together, they realized that there’s no place like home. Their mom, always waiting with a warm purr, made them see that adventures are great, but coming back to the ones you love is the best adventure of all.

The Young Raccoons Go To A Party 🦝

In tonight’s story, a group of young raccoons, led by big brother and his siblings, were thrilled to attend a nearby pond party. Despite grooming and their mother’s lessons on etiquette, like washing food and polite behavior, they reverted to their usual antics at the event, disappointing another observing mother. The day after, a visit back to the pond revealed their mother deliberately ignoring her own rules, sparking a conversation on proper conduct and the importance of manners, highlighting her method of teaching by example.

Goosey, The Crow Who Honks 🐦

In tonight’s tale from the sunny Three Rivers forest, we meet Goosey the crow, known for her goose-like honk. She shares her journey of embracing her uniqueness with friends, including Bella the Bear, who celebrates differences as a way to enrich life. Initially, Goosey struggles with her distinctive sound, especially when wanting to participate in Oliver the Owl’s storytelling event. However, choosing to be true to herself, she’s warmly received, learning that her uniqueness is a gift.