Finley the Fox 🦊

In tonight’s story, Grandpa introduces Jasper and Joshua to another smart animal friend on their Prince Edward Island farm. Grandpa and Grandma made a special friend, Finley, a bright red fox who loved visiting. At first, they were surprised to see him, but soon they discovered he was a kind and clever fox who brought them pine cones and shiny stones as gifts. To show their thanks, they gave Finley tasty treats and even a tiny scarf to keep him warm in the winter.

Marvin the Kitchen Mouse πŸ₯§

In tonight’s story, Grandpa and Grandma introduce Jasper and Joshua to another animal friend on their farm.Β One night, they met a mouse they named Marvin. Unlike any ordinary mouse, Marvin finds a special place in the lives of Grandma and Grandpa and even gets to share Grandma’s famous and delicious Apple Pie.

Penny the Pig Who Creates Art πŸ–πŸŽ¨

In our story, Penny the Pig discovers an amazing talent that no one thought she had. One sunny day, Penny’s curiosity leads her to buckets of colourful paints left out by Grandpa. Without much thought, she starts to play with the colour. With each swish of her tail, she transforms mud into something creative, eventually creating art that captivates the animals on the farm and the entire community.Β 

Bessie the Cow Who Plays Soccer ⚽

In our story, Joshua and Jasper are getting ready for bed after a day of fun and sweets at their grandparents’ house. They ask Grandpa for a bedtime story, not from a book, but a real story from when he wasn’t so ancient. Grandpa then tells them about Bessie, the playful cow who loves to play soccer in the backfield in summer. He shares how they would kick the ball back and forth, and if Bessie scored, she’d get an extra apple.Β 

The Adventures of Winky the Willow-Whale P.2 🐳

In this part of our story, Winky and Coralia, noticed that their home was in trouble because of murky waters. They gathered all the creatures of AquaLore to fix a broken pipeline, believing that working together was the key to solving the problem. Each creature had a unique skill: Glitterfin Dolphins navigated murky waters, Jellybrights provided light, Coral Bloomers used their strength for repairs, and Tangle-Tail Monkeys maneuvered through tight spaces. With everyone’s cooperation, they began repairing the pipeline and cleaning the water.

The Adventures of Winky the Willow-Whale 🐳

Our story begins with Winky and Coralia discovering a section of their once-pristine ocean home, now clouded with pollution. This murky water affects the health of the underground city AquaLore and its inhabitants, dimming the bioluminescent Jellybrights and causing distress among the once-colourful marine life. Determined to find the cause and restore their home’s beauty, Winky and Coralia embark on an adventure. They seek wisdom from Old Man Ripple, the ancient turtle, and the Seastar Sages, gaining insights into the gravity of the situation. They soon discover the source of the pollution and work to restore their underwater home’s beauty.

Bella, The Brave Artist 🎨

Bella, a vibrant and creative girl known for her love of painting and colourful clothes, often stood out at school. This uniqueness sometimes drew teasing from her classmates. However, everything changed when Mrs. Nichols showcased Bella’s stunning winter painting to the entire school. Her classmates were amazed by her talent and began seeking her insights into art. Through this experience, Bella not only gained new friends but also discovered the power of her art to forge connections. The teasing faded, leaving Bella more confident and proud of her unique abilities.

Oliver’s Christmas πŸŽ„

In this story, Oliver learns about responsibility when Santa leaves him a list of forgotten tasks instead of presents. After a special Christmas at his grandfather’s house, where he finds the items he wished for, Oliver understands the importance of giving and being responsible. He starts doing his chores without being reminded and becomes more attentive and helpful.

Lulu, The Surf Guard Dog πŸ•

Our story takes place in the picturesque town of Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, where Lulu, a shy and quiet golden retriever, embarks on a journey to become a surf rescue dog. Overcoming his initial shyness and challenges, Lulu trains diligently and graduates as a skilled surf guard. Over the summer, he saves people at the beach, becoming a local hero. Lulu grows more confident and is respected by the community. By summer’s end, he’s a skilled surf guard and an inspiring figure for the town.