The Boxcar Children – Ch. 10

In this Chapter Benny is still working on his letters and learning to read. While the girls are busy helping him with this Jess makes a great dinner of baked potatoes that the boys tease her about but love to eat. Henry hears the doctor talking to someone about a plant called Ginseng and recognizes it. When he finds out that they can sell the root he tells Jess and Violet and they dig some up. After Henry has sold the root he buys a new pair of socks for Benny and the old ones get used to replace the bear they had to leave behind. Benny decides he wants this bear to look a bit different and have a long, slim tail and the girls do it. The days pass happily for the kids until one day Violet is not feeling well. When they have to go and get the doctor they are not sure what to expect. The doctor takes them to her house and they hear the three words they were all dreading. Will Violet be okay?


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