Mindful Monday: Bravery

This week on Mindful Monday we are talking about Bravery. Are you brave? What are you afraid of? Bravery is the experience of being afraid but believing that something else is more important than your fear. It is a choice, and a choice no one can make but yourself. We are going to look at two books that show someone making that choice to be brave. The first book is called Little Tree by Loren Long. This story talks about a little tree who is afraid to let go of its leaves. The tree finally makes a choice to be brave and let go and wonderful things happen. The second story is called Shy by Deborah Freedman. The character in this book is very happy when they are reading books but very afraid in the real world. One day they see a bird, their favourite thing in the world, and they decide to try and talk to it but the bird flies away. They follow the bird and finally make the choice to speak to the bird and it is gone. Will they ever get another chance? Remember you can make the choice to be brave.


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