Mindful Monday: Boredom and Imagination

This week on Mindful Monday we talk about Boredom and Imagination. Have you ever been bored? I know I have been. What do you do when you are bored? In this episode I am going to share a couple books that talk about being bored and what you can do. The first book is I’m Bored by Michael Ian Black. This story shows a bored little girl who meets a bored potato and she tried to give him ideas of what they can do. The second book is Use Your Imagination by Nicola O’Byrne. In this book a bored Rabbit is looking for something to do. A Wolf suggests they write a story together and so they do. It doesn’t end quite as the Wolf had hoped but the Rabbit is happy. The last book talks about how sometimes when we are bored we do things maybe we shouldn’t. Solomon and Mortimer is a book about two crocodiles who come up with a great idea of something to do but it doesn’t work out quite as they had planned. For more bedtime stories, longer sleep sounds, meditations and more, try: http://sleeptightpremium.com


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