The Magic Soap Bubble P.4 🫧

In part 4 of the Magic Soap Bubble, Ned has left the giant and has gone off on his own. He stops at one house and after the person there kindly helps him Ned returns the favor. As Ned goes farther from the giant he comes to another house where a kind person invites him in. At this house there is a crow who speaks to Ned after the family has slept and they leave together to find a way to help the family that has been so kind to them.

The Magic Soap Bubble P.3 🫧

In the Magic Soap Bubble part 3 Ned needs to complete another task for the King before he will give him the gold he promised. When Ned digs the well and fills it with water the King is so happy and sends Ned on his way on a donkey with all the gold he promised. As Ned is travelling he hears a giant singing and whistling and hides. When the giant sees Ned he tells him he is going to eat him but Ned says he is going to make the giant his worker. They have a contest to see who will end up being the worker.

Air Conditioner Fan: Soundscape For Sleep

It may be cold outside but I still like the pulsing sound of our air conditioner as a backdrop for sleep, or as a means to block out noise when I need to work. This soundscape is also great for meditation and relaxation.

The Magic Soap Bubble P.2 🫧

In part two of the Magic Soap Bubble, Ned and the Gnome are going to see if there is anyway to fix Ned. After he drank the Gnome watermelon juice and then ate the Gnome cake he just hasn’t been himself. The Gnome thinks there is a Fairy Queen who makes a potion who might be able to bring Ned back to normal.

Soft Rippling River: Soundscape For Sleep

Calm ambience of a small and soft rippling river in the forest to help you and your family have a wonderful sleep. Birds and crickets in background. A perfect soundtrack for sleep, meditation, or relaxation. Gentle fade in and out of sounds.

A Winter Melody: Sound and Music For Sleep

Wind, birds and melody to help you and your family have a wonderful sleep. May this simple soundscape not only help you fall into a deep sleep, but help you get cozy and warm wherever you are. A perfect soundtrack for sleep, meditation, or relaxation. Gentle fade in and out of sounds.

Butterwops 🪲

Butterwops is a beetle who has lived for a long time. The younger beetles call him “the general” and he tries his best to guide them. When the man in the house where they are living starts putting yellow stuff on the floor the beetles don’t do so well. Butterwops tells them not to eat it but it smells sweet and the younger beetles don’t always listen. When Jimmy, Butterwops great-grandson, tells him that there are new people in the house next door Butterwops decides to take his beetles and move. Will things be better in this new house?

The Snowball That Didn’t Melt ❄️

Do you like to throw snowballs? Have you had a snowball fight recently? In this story the boys are having a big snowball fight and decide to get a head start on the next day by creating a big pile of snowballs ahead of time. That night it snows and snows and snows and the snowballs get buried until Spring. When Spring comes the snowballs hear someone calling for help but none of them are willing to go out where the sun is to find out who is calling, except Snowball number one. Snowball number one rolls down the hill and finds out who asked for help and starts a whole new journey.