Dame Grumble and her Curious Apple Tree – P2 🍎

In this episode of Dame Grumble and her Curious Apple Tree, Dame Grumble has returned to the cottage and things are not going well. She is grumpy and complains about everything. Freyo tries to help but nothing he does makes any difference. Dame Grumble read a book while she was searching for her lost fortune about how to protect her apple tree and she spends a long time during the winter making a netting to cover her tree and protect her precious apples.

Alpine Forest: Sounds for Sleep 🌲

Fall asleep or relax to the calm ambience of an alpine forest with many birds, crickets, and insects occasionally humming.

Dame Grumble and her Curious Apple Tree – P1 🍎

This is a story about an angry woman who fights every year with the North Wind. Dame Grumble has an Apple tree that she loves and every year when she the tree blossoms she dreams of the apples she is going to have but then the North Wind comes and takes away all the blossoms before the apples can grow. She sets off to find where the North Wind has hidden the treasure from her tree but ends up not finding him.

Alice in Wonderland Ch. 10 πŸ‡

In Chapter 10 of Alice in Wonderland Alice has gone with the Gryphon to see the Mock Turtle and hear his history. The Mock Turtle has told her all about his schooling and is ready to talk about games. Alice listens as he talks about the lobster Quadrille and then the Mock Turtle and the Gryphon give her a demonstration. Then they start talking about Alice’s adventures. She tells them about them starting with the first time she saw the White Rabbit.

Alice in Wonderland Ch. 9 πŸ‡

In Chapter 9 Alice is playing croquet with the Queen of Hearts when the Duchess is brought out. They go for a walk until the Queen comes back and demands that they play. The Duchess quickly leaves but Alice goes back to the game. The Queen after a while asks Alice if she has ever seen a Mock Turtle and Alice says β€œno.” So the Queen sends her to a Gryphon to hear his story.

Alice in Wonderland Ch. 8 πŸ‡

In Chapter 8 of Alice in Wonderland, Alice is in the garden where the King and Queen of Hearts are going to be. She sees some gardeners painting white roses red and wonders why they are doing it. Alice asks them but they get interrupted when the Queen arrives. The Queen is not happy to see the white roses and tries to send the gardeners away but Alice helps them hide. The Queen asks Alice if she knows how to play croquet and Alice says yes but this game is not like what she is used to.

Alice in Wonderland Ch. 7 πŸ‡

In Chapter 7 of Alice in Wonderland Alice arrives at the Mad Hatter’s house and sees that the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and a Dormouse are having a tea party. They offer her some juice but when she looks there is no juice anywhere, just tea. The group tells some riddles and then the Dormouse starts telling a story. Alice is very confused by the story and when she asks some questions she gets very frustrated. After a while Alice leaves and continues looking for a garden she wanted to visit.

Alice in Wonderland Ch.6 πŸ‡

In Chapter 6 of Alice in Wonderland Alice meets the Duchess and the Cheshire Cat. The Duchess has received and invitation from the Queen and after she gives the baby to Alice she runs off to get ready. Alice is not quite sure what to do with the baby but figures it out after a while. When the baby turns out to be a pig, it hops down and runs off. Alice leaves the house and runs into the Cheshire Cat again and the Cat helps her decide which way to go next.