Lulu, The Surf Guard Dog 🐕

Our story takes place in the picturesque town of Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, where Lulu, a shy and quiet golden retriever, embarks on a journey to become a surf rescue dog. Overcoming his initial shyness and challenges, Lulu trains diligently and graduates as a skilled surf guard. Over the summer, he saves people at the beach, becoming a local hero. Lulu grows more confident and is respected by the community. By summer’s end, he’s a skilled surf guard and an inspiring figure for the town.

Mindful Monday: Jax’s Garden 🏡

The themes of this episode of Mindful Monday include contentment and gratitude, adaptation to change, resilience, and problem-solving. In our story, Jax struggles to fit in after moving to Charlottetown. He discovers an overgrown, forgotten garden in their backyard. With his mother’s encouragement, he decides to nurture it, creating his own special place. Through gardening, Jax learns the joy of creativity, nature, and hard work, gaining confidence and a sense of belonging. At the same time, the garden becomes a vibrant, communal space, bringing neighbours and friends together.

Liam’s Restful Night 🏒

Our story takes place in a small town on Prince Edward Island, where young Liam, a boy with lots of energy and a love for hockey, faced his fears and learned valuable lessons about calming his mind. One Sunday, after a long day of playing outside with his father and their dogs, Liam struggled to get to sleep, his mind buzzing with worries about school and the dark. His mother gently guides him through his fears, and he has the best rest ever, even without relying on his lucky stinky socks.

Goldiepaws and the Three Corgis 🐶

The story occurs in a magical meadow, maybe near you. Goldiepaws, a curious and adventurous golden-coloured cat, longs for adventure beyond her familiar surroundings. She embarks on a journey into the forest and discovers a cottage where she encounters three bowls of stew and three beds, each varying in comfort. After eating from the just-right bowl and resting in the coziest bed, she meets the cottage’s owners, a family of kind-hearted Corgis, upon their return.

Laylie’s Vanilla Snow Day 🍦

In this story, Laylie, a young girl who has recently moved to Prince Edward Island, experiences her very first snow day. Accustomed to a warmer climate, she begins her day a little bit scared, unsure of the cold, white blanket that covers her new world. But as the day unfolds, Laylie’s fears are melted away by the kindness of new friends and the fun of crunchy snow.

The Shy Pixie’s Spooky Wish 🍬

Our story takes place in a magical village that annually hosts the Spooky Day Festival, a time of joy and fright. This year’s festivity is a canvas for a story of authenticity and connection. Pippin, a formerly shy pixie, undertakes a journey of self-discovery, inspiring villagers with his tale of self-acceptance. Through him, others are moved to share their stories, changing the festival forever.

Cam’s Quiet Courage 🦁

Our story takes place in the beautiful town of Montague on Prince Edward Island, where animals lead human-like lives and where there lives a young, introverted lion named Cam. Known only for his quiet nature, few are aware of his passions, which include LEGO, blueberry pancakes, and reading books. When his school hosts a Show and Tell day, Cam must accept the idea of standing before his classmates. For Cam, this is his biggest challenge ever.

Cat’s Magical Homework Adventure 🪄

In our story, Cat daydreams a lot and finds homework boring. But when she doodles with her buddy, Mouse, something amazing happens: their drawings come alive! From cool historical people to lively numbers, they all go on epic adventures. Cat learns that studying can be just as fun as painting. Join Cat and Mouse on their fun-filled learning journey!